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ENT Equipment

Laboratory Supplies We specialize in offering ENT equipment for our clients. The equipment are commonly used by the ophthalmologist for surgical purposes. Our range of ENT equipment offer amazing functionality. Surgical microscope cold light, surgical microscope direct halogen and surgical operating microscope are the ENT equipment provided by us, civil engineering laboratory equipments suppliers, ENT Equipment Manufacturers in India, ENT Equipment Exporters in India, ENT Equipment Suppliers in India, ENT Equipment Leading Manufacturers in Ambala India, ENT Equipment for School Didactic Lab and Science School Didactic Lab Tenders from Ambala India

Surgical Microscope Cold Light

Surgical microscope cold light is commonly used by the ophthalmologist for surgical dealings, this results in very clear cut result of the surgery.....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-024001
(Surgical Microscope Cold Light)


Surgical Microscope Cold Light

Surgical Microscope Cold Light is a highly versatile with a Zooming Optical System which helps in focusing.....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-024002
(Surgical Microscope Cold Light)


Surgical Microscope Direct Halogen

Surgical Microscope Direct Halogen is also same as Surgical Microscope Cold Light but with the difference that the additional illuminating beam Halogen Lamp and a measurement beam which makes the patients surgery very clear. Specifications. ....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-024003
(Surgical Microscope Direct Halogen)


Surgical Operating Microscope

Visine's Surgical Operating Microscope is used for surgery, ophthalmic eye surgery, neurosurgery, and nose, ear and throat surgery.....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-024004
(Surgical Operating Microscope)


Fiber Optic Head Light

Fiber Optic Head Light is adjustable and comfortable head light.....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-024005
(Fiber Optic Head Light)


Endo Camera (Digital Video Camera)

Endo Camera (Digital Video Camera) is another excellent instrument. It is very small and have a high source of light. It is highly flexible and has zooming features.....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-024006
(Endo Camera (Digital Video Camera))


Digital Video Camera (White Balance Zoom)

Manual with Auto Gain Control, White Balance Zoom .   Digital Video Camera (White Balance Zoom) is same as Endo Camera which facilitates flexibility checkup of the internal organs.....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-024007
(Digital Video Camera (White Balance Zoom))


Laryngoscope Seventy Degree

Laryngoscope / Endoscope 70° Laryngoscope 0.8mm, 186mm Laryngoscope Seventy Degree is an instrument used for viewing the vocal folds and glottis. The light is passed from the Laryngoscope with Seventy Degree. This helps in viewing the vocal cord clearly and to the targeted area.   ....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-024008
(Laryngoscope Seventy Degree)


Laryngoscope Ninety Degree

Laryngoscope / Endoscope    90° Laryngoscope 0.8mm, 186mm  Laryngoscope Ninety Degree is just like Laryngoscope Seventy Degree but the difference is of the angle. This instrument used for viewing the vocal folds and glottis.....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-024009
(Laryngoscope Ninety Degree)


Endoscope Zero Degree

Endoscope / Sinoscope   0° Endoscope 0.4mm, 175mm  Endoscope Zero Degree is another instrument which provides the inter-viewing of the organs.....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-024010
(Endoscope Zero Degree)


Endoscope Thirty Degree

Endoscope / Sinoscope     30° Endoscope 0.4mm, 175mm  Endoscope Thirty Degree is another instrument which provides the inter-viewing of the organs.....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-024011
(Endoscope Thirty Degree)


Endoscope Seventy Degree

Endoscope / Sinoscope    70° Endoscope 0.4mm, 175mm   Endoscope Seventy Degree is same as other Endoscope which provides the inter-viewing of the organs but with a slight difference of the angle of the focus which is Seventy Degree in our model This instrument is used for viewing the interior surface of the organ by inserting the tube.....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-024012
(Endoscope Seventy Degree)