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Optical Accessories

Laboratory Supplies - CCD camera, beam splitter, trial frame and surgical loupe are our line of optical accessories which are known for offering good fucntionality. We provide optical accessories at market leading rates, civil engineering laboratory equipments suppliers, Optical Accessories Manufacturers in India, Optical Accessories Exporters in India, Optical Accessories Suppliers in India, Optical Accessories Leading Manufacturers in Ambala India, Optical Accessories for School Didactic Lab and Science School Didactic Lab Tenders from Ambala India

CCD Camera

CCD Camera....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-027001
(CCD Camera)


Beam Splitter

Beam Splitter....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-027002
(Beam Splitter)


Trial Frame

Trial Frame....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-027003
(Trial Frame)


Surgical Loupe

Surgical Loupe....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-027004
(Surgical Loupe)


Examination Torch

Examination Torch....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-027005
(Examination Torch)


Streak Retinoscope

Streak Retinoscope....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-027006
(Streak Retinoscope)


Operating Light

Operating Light....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-027007
(Operating Light)