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Biology Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Supplies Taking care of varied applications in laboratory through our Biology Equipment which are designed to be versatile and durable. We offer anatomical models which can be used for educational and commercial purposes. Advanced Technocracy Inc. are manufacturer, supplier, exporter, distributor, trader of all type of Biological Model made from fibre glass such as Human Torso Male, Human Torso female, Human Body with pelvice, Blood circulation system, Digestive system ect. Respiratory system, Nervous system, Human skeleton model, Human Skin, Human teeth, Human kidney, Human tongue, Human Liver, Human heart, Human brain, Human Eye, Human Ear, Human Skull, Human Body, D.N.A Set, R.N.A set, Spinal cord, Human Nose, Human uterus, Muscular System, Anatomy of the breast, Internal organs. Our Zology Models are Animal cell, Ameoba, paramecium, Hydra, Frog digestive system, Euglena, Anatomy of rabbit, Anatomy of rat, Fish dissection on stand, earthworm dissection, Life history of butter fly, Life history of mosquito, Life circle of tape warm, Life history of honey bee, Cock roach digestive, Cock roach dissection etc. Our Botany models are Plant cell, Germination of seed, L.S. Ovary, L.S. Flower, T.S. Monocot stem, T.S. Dicot stem, T.S. Monocot leaf, T.S. Monocot Root, Mitosis, Meiosis, Types ofroots, Type of Leaves, Types of stems, Nerve cell, Yeast, Binary Fission, Root anatomy T.S L.S, Seed Germination of Grain, Bean, Maize, Rice, Mucor, Spirogyra, Stomata, civil engineering laboratory equipments suppliers, Biology Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers in India, Biology Laboratory Equipment Exporters in India, Biology Laboratory Equipment Suppliers in India, Biology Laboratory Equipment Leading Manufacturers in Ambala India, Biology Laboratory Equipment for School Didactic Lab and Science School Didactic Lab Tenders from Ambala India

Anatomical Model

Anatomical Model....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-008003
(Anatomical Model)


Biology Equipment

Biology Equipment....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-008006
(Biology Equipment)


Biology Instruments

Biology Instruments....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-008008
(Biology Instruments)


Micro Slides

Micro Slides....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-008010
(Micro Slides)


Biology Glass Equipment

Biology Glass Equipment....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-008012
(Biology Glass Equipment)


Comaprative Germination Model

Comaprative Germination Model....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-008014
(Comaprative Germination Model)