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ST-2651 Color Television trainer


Description & Specification:

Manufacturer : omega Standred: CCIR-B-PAL-G,625 Lines Channels: 230. 2-4VHP: l(VL),512HPlll (VH)12-100:BANDIV&V,. Else : SBAND&HYPERBAND. Picture tube size : 36 cms, Digonal. RF Input Impedance : 75W Cricuit Blocks : System control circuit, Video IF, sound, Tuner secation, Horizontal Output, vertical Oscillator,vertical output,videos&chroma section, power supply , AVsections. ON Screen Display to set: volume Brightess, contrast colour channel&Band selecation Tuning. Panel control : OM/OF switch, stand by menuvol+/-prog +/- Remote control Funcation : Volume ,Brightness ,stand by, colour , contrast, Selecation, Audio mute, AVmode, Zoom Swao, Scan Child Lock. PCB Size : 475 X 75mm. No. Pf Faults : 21. No. of test points: 55. I.F. Frequency : Video -38.*MHZ,Audio -33.4MHz. Speaker Size : 50 X 125mm. Accellerating Potential : 24KVmzx. oprerating voltage for EHT: 110V. Mains Supply : 230V±15%,60Hz on request. power consumtion : 75VA(Approx). Dimensions : W590 X D490 X H525. Weight : 19kg. (Approx)..

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