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Humidity Chamber For Testing Lab

Humidity Chamber For Testing Lab


Description & Specification:

Humidity Chamber.

Humidity Chamber - A humidity chamber is used for exposing materials or products under test to an atmosphere of controlled humidity and temperature. For most of the materials it is used for conditioning the sample before the actual test is carried out. In case of helmets it is used to condition the helmets before conducting the impact absorption and penetration resistance tests on them. The Humidity Chamber is designed to produce controlled humidity using an appropriate saturated salt solution corresponding to the humidity required at the specified temperature. The salt solution is kept at the bottom of the chamber. The solution releases water vapour to increase the relative humidity, if it is below the specified value, or absorbs water vapour, if the relative humidity is higher. The chamber is constructed from 10 mm thick transparent acrylic sheet and has two wide doors. Two shelves made of plastic material to keep the specimen under test on and two plastic trays for keeping the saturated salt solution are provided with the chamber.   An air-circulating fan to keep the conditions uniform in the chamber is also provided. The relative humidity and the temperature inside the chamber are measured with the help of dry and wet bulb thermometers.   Technical Data Dimensions of chamber : 60 cm x 45 cm x 75 cm   Number of helmets that can be kept at a time : Four   Humidity control : By changing saturated salt solution (Recommended solution for 65% RH sodium nitrate)   Conditioning temperature : Ambient room temperature  

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