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Laboratory Supplies - Importer & Supplier of Keratometer. Our product range also comprises of Oil And Petroleum Testing Instruments, Physics Lab Instrument and Chemistry Lab Instrument, civil engineering laboratory equipments suppliers, Keratometer Manufacturers in India, Keratometer Exporters in India, Keratometer Suppliers in India, Keratometer Leading Manufacturers in Ambala India, Keratometer for School Didactic Lab and Science School Didactic Lab Tenders from Ambala India


We offer internationally accepted keratometer, which is effectively used for measurement of corneal curvatures. They are accessible with us in two high precision models. Like our manual keratometer can be efficiently handled to measure concave surfaces for the fitting and adjustment contact lenses. Similarly, our handheld keratometer gauge the major and minor meridians once major axis is located. Their elevation and easy handling allow quick positioning of the patients. They are also made available with engraved focusing scale, coincidence focusing system for the measurement of both the meridians. In addition to this, we are one of the largest handheld keratometer manufacturers and suppliers in India. Keratometer is the world wide standard for manual measurement of corneal curvatures. Measures concave surfaces for contact lens fitting. Both major and minor meridians can be measured once the major axis is located. Easy elevation and lowering allows quick patient positioning. Other features include engraved focusing scale, coincidence focusing system, and single position measurement in both meridians.....

Product Code: DIDACTICLABNLE-Export-178001