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Microprocessor Trainer For Electrical Lab Training

Microprocessor Trainer For Electrical Lab Training


Description & Specification:

Microprocessor Trainer For Electrical Lab Training Workshop.
MICROPROCESSOR TRAINER Product Description 1. CPU operating at 6.144 MHz 2. RS-232C interface & USB Interface (Optional) 3. 25/28 keyboard & 7-segment display 4. EPROM Specifications A.) Based on 8085 CPU  operating at 6.144   MHz crystal frequency. B.) 8K bytes of  EPROM loaded with   powerful monitor program. C.)     8K bytes of RAM available to the user D.)     Total on board memory expansion upto   64K bytes using with 1 socket of 28 pin. E.)     Memory mapping definable by the user. F.)     16 bit programmable  TIMER/COUNTER   using G.) 24 programmable  I/O lines provided   through H.)     RS-232C  interface through SID/SOD   Lines with Auto baud  rate. I.)     Two modes of commands:  i)      Hex Key pad mode   ii)     Serial mode J.)     All address, data & control lines are   buffered and made available at the   edge connector as per STD bus configuration. K.)  25/28 key hexadecimal keyboard  and six   seven segment  displays through L.)   Powerful  software  commands like   Relocate, String, Fill, Insert, Delete, Block Move, Examine/Compare   Memory, Examine Register,Insert Data, Delete Data, Single Step, GO, Break   Point in both Serial & Keyboard mode. M.)     Facility for  Downloading/Uploading files from/to PC. O.)     In-built Power supply P.)      User's Manual.

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