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Solid In Air Diffusion Apparatus

Solid In Air Diffusion Apparatus

CAT NO: DIDACTICMass Transfer Lab0022

Description & Specification:

Solid In Air Diffusion Apparatus.

Solid In Air Diffusion Apparatus The set up consists of glass column, packing material, air rotameter and piping. Metered quantity of airflow is passed through the packed bed vertically upwards

The flow rate can be independently varied to simulate different conditions using rotameter. Naphthalene balls of known weight and diameter are used to form the packed bed for the calculation of mass transfer co-efficient of vaporization in air Experiments To calculate the mass transfer co-efficient of vaporization of naphthalene in air using a packed bed of spherical particles of naphthalene Features Superb Painted structure Simple to operate & maintain Compact & stand alone set up Utilities Required Electric supplyProvide 230 +/- 10 VAC, 50 Hz, single phase electric supply with proper earthing. 5A, three pin socket with switch for Mini Air Compressor Chemicals for trial Naphthalene Balls (Or as per your choice) Air supply: Clean, oil and moisture free air, pressure 2 Bar Weighing Balance 0.1gm resolution

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