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Automated systems, bus of ground PLC simens


Description & Specification:

Automated systems, bus of ground PLC simens.
Automated systems, bus of ground PLC simens MAIN UNIT: Microprocessor based PLC System with built in 8 Digital input line, with RS232 Serial Interface of Industrial grade PLC will be used. The system comes with Ladder programming and communication software compatible with IBM PC. All the inputs and outputs are brought out to the panels for the ease of studying various Static application panels and also Sample Ladder programs are supplied for better understanding of PLC. The Panel is built with necessary Power supply required for the PLC and the Simulation Panels. The system can be used for any control applications, which come across in Industrial Environment by writing Logic program as per requirement. STATIC APPLICATION PANELS (SAP): SIMULATION MODULES :      Switching of Lights     Water level Control     Traffic Light Control     Counting pulses from source and checking for pre-determined values.     Conveyor control     Lift Control     Washing Machine     Timing Circuits WORKING MODULES :      Motor Control and Interfacing of Motors     Water Level controller         Elevator     TRAFFIC LIGHT  DISTRIBUTOR PANEL : For Easy connection of input/output of PLC to the field / Static application through use of patch cords For Digital Input & Digital Output :      Consist of 14 Digital inputs and     10 Digital Output     4mm socket for Digital Input : 14 nos.  SIMULATION + EXTENSION PANEL : For simulation of Digital I/Os and extension for inputs and outputs for connecting the same I/P or O/P at different points.      Digital I/P consists of Toggle switches : 14 nos.,     Pushbuttons : 4 nos. ; 4mm Socket: 14 nos.     Digital outputs consists of 24 V DC LED : 16 nos.   SAILENT FEATURES :      Various Static application dependent programs to be interfaced with PLC     Learning and Troubleshooting Skills through front panel     Study of Ladder Diagram     Dynamic Ladder display on Personal Computer     Light weight study panel      Sufficient Courseware: Literature for Various Static application dependent programs Instructor’s Guide, Technical Reference.

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