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Button Snap Pull Tester For Testing Lab


Description & Specification:

Button Snap Pull Tester For Testing Lab Workshop.
Button Snap Pull Tester - For Testing Lab The assessment of snap attachment strength is an important criterion of the textiles especially in the design of garments of infants so the Globe Button Snap Pull Tester is designed to test the same. Its user friendly equipment to test ‘Snap strength’ of buttons / rivets/joints to ensure that it meets design tolerance and safety levels, particularly in baby clothing and this is also used to prevent the separation between the snap and the garment.   The salient features are. The equipment comprises of a) IMADA Push-Pull force gauge of 20 kgf. b) Vertical stand to hold the gauge with arrangement to change the position of Gauge. c) Base which houses the frame to grip the attachment d) ‘Button’ Pull Fixture – Connected with force gauge. Suitable to grip buttons from 5 mm to 25 mm.The needle in the gauge stops at the breaking load. civil lab equipments manufacturers

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