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CNC Milling Machine- Engineering Lab Training Systems


Description & Specification:

CNC Milling Machine- Engineering Lab Training Systems.
CNC Milling Machine is a perfect CNC router for prototyping, Teach, learning, hoppy and small parts. Working under mach3 and / or EMC2 software. Operating under windows and Linux System. Specifications: - Travels: X-200mm * Y-150mm *Z-60mm - Table Size: 250mm  * 310mm - Leadscrews: M10 * Pitch=1.5mm - Spindle Motor: Speed: 2000 rpm. - Power: 230W - Drill Chuck: ¼ “ - Nuts: Anti-Backlash Nuts on all axis. - Material: Constructed of aluminum alloy (ANODIZING) - Stepping Motor: Hold torque: 4.4 kg.cm - Net weight (approx): 12.5 kg.

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