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Corrosion Resistance Tester For Testing Lab


Description & Specification:

Corrosion Resistance Tester.

Corrosion Resistance Tester - The ability of protective coatings on metal parts of helmets to withstand corrosion is determined by suspending the complete helmet inside an enclosed chamber where they are sprayed with a solution of 5 parts of sodium chloride in 95 parts of distilled water (by mass) at room temperature for a period of 24 hours. After this period, the helmet is washed in running tap water, dried, and inspected for signs of corrosion.   The  Corrosion Resistance Tester for metal parts of helmets consists of an acrylic chamber made from clear acrylic sheets. The chamber has a vertical partition at one of the ends forming a reservoir for salt solution. The solution is sprayed with the help of compressed air through two nozzles at right angles to each other. The spraying pressure is regulated with the help of an air regulator. A separate airline is provided to agitate the solution constantly with arrangement to adjust rate of air bubbling through the solution.   The helmet under test is placed in the second part of the chamber. The helmet is placed on PVC supports so that it is raised above the base of the chamber. The sprayed solution is collected at the bottom of the chamber and ran be removed through a drain cock. Thus the sprayed solution is prevented from contaminating fresh solution. An air outlet is provided in form of a stuffing box at the end of the chamber opposite to the spray nozzles. The box is lightly stuffed with cotton wool to trap the sprayed droplets going out of the chamber.   The compressed air is provided by a compressor offered as an optional accessory. The compressor is complete with motor, pressure gauge, pressure switch, and connecting hosepipe. civil lab equipments manufacturers

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