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ETB-244 Optoelectronic devices characteristics


Description & Specification:

±12V D.C. at 200mA power supply Thermistor NTC & PTC on Board. Photo Diode Photo Transistor LDR. Two LED With Suitable Resistor For Visual Indication. 12V Relay for Multi Poeration. 1C/O. Two IC OP Amp (LM-741). The Timer IC (NE-555). Three Transistor NPN (SL-100 & BC-107,) and PNP (SK-100). Five Potentiometers. (100E,1K,10K,47K,1M). Two Pulser Switch. One Pulser Switch with lock Feature. 19 Resistor of Different Values. 12 Capacitor of Diffrent Values and Zener Diode. 3 Switching Diode. Mains ON/OFF Switch, fuse and Neon Indicators. The unit is operating on 230V ±10% at 50Hz A.C. Mains..

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