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Impact Absorption Tester For Testing Lab


Description & Specification:

Impact Absorption Tester.

Impact Absorption Tester - Impact absorption capacity of a helmet is determined by recording against time the negative acceleration imparted to a head-form over which the helmet is mounted, when dropped upon a fixed steel anvil in a guided free fall at a specified impact velocity.   The Impact Absorption Tester for helmets consists of a rigid frame with a heavy base plate, a set of interchangeable steel anvils mounted on the base, a free fall guidance system with a dolly to keep the head-form with helmet on, an arrangement to drop the helmet from a known height on the anvil, a set of three accelerometers mounted in three mutually perpendicular directions which can be fitted inside a hollow metal head-form, and a data acquisition system with suitable software to provide the test report. civil lab equipments manufacturers

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