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Light Fastness Tester For Testing Lab


Description & Specification:

Light Fastness Tester For Testing Lab Workshop.
Light Fastness Tester - For Testing Lab Light Fastness Tester is used to test the colorfastness of the material. For most materials, colorfastness against artificial light is an important property that determines their suitability for many specific end uses. This characteristic is determined by exposing test specimens taken from the sample under test to a controlled intensity of artificial light under a specified humidity and temperature to obtain a specified degree of exposure. The actual degree of exposure is assessed with the help of colorfastness rating standards (blue standards), which are exposed along with the test specimens. Colorfastness rating is determined with the help of grey scale for change in color.   Technical Data:- Lamp : 400 W mercury vapor lamp Power Supply : Servo stabilizer of 1000 W capacity Panel : Fitted with a voltmeter, a watt meter, a temperature indicator (with selector switch for wet and dry bulb temperature), a time totalizer, and a digital pre-set timer to switch off the lamp and the rotation of the drum after a pre-set interval of up to 999 minutes Rotation of Drum : One rpm through a synchro-set motor and worm gear set Humidity Control : By using specified saturated salt solution.

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