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Linear IC Trainer


Description & Specification:

5 LED's are provided to indicate the statur/outputs of an experiment. Drivers for driving the LED's All the 5 inputs of the terminated at Spring Termination for easy wiring of any experimental setup. Input switche 5 SPDT Switches provided as logic inputs. 5 LED's provided to display the status of the switches. One end of each SPDT Switch terminated at a Spring Termination for easy wiring for a test circuit. 2 DPDT switches provided with LED induction to display the status of the switches. Each end of switches terminated at Spring Terminations. Voltage Source Amplifire: One Adjustable Positive Voltage regulator using LM317 & one adjustable Negative Voltage Regulator using LM337 provided. One Potentio-meter provided to select the output voltage range. Outputs terminated at Spring Termination. Adjustable output voltage from 1.5V to 15V with variation of 0.5V division. Function Generator: Provision for generating Sine, Square & Triangle Waveforms. Output of the waveforms terminated at Spring Termination. Amplitude & Frequency of the wave from varied by using potentio-meters. Special features: One 8 Pin Machine Socket provided to test the 8 Pin Op-amp lcs. One Op-amp 741 provided to study the basic principles of Op-amp. One Solderless Bread Board provided for easy wiring of any experimental setup. 3 Potentio-meters with values of 1K, 10K, 100K ohm provided at Spring Termination for using variable resistances in any experimental setup. Power Supply: [Built In] Input : 220-240V A.C Output : +5 V/1A, ±15/500 mA.

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