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Description & Specification:

MAGNETIZING AND DEMAGNETIZING COIL Magnetizing and demagnetizing coil is used to magnetize and demagnetize magnets, iron bars, iron strips, etc… This unit also includes a solenoid with copper wire mounted on a base with terminals of 4 mm. This solenoid is 250 mm long and has an inside diameter of 35 mm; its operating voltage is equal to 2 – 3 Vac/dc and the maximum current is of 6 A. Direct current is used for magnetization, whereas demagnetization is carried out in alternating current. MAGNETIZATION A direct-current power supply is connected with the solenoid via leads of 4 mm ; make sure that this power supply is able to output a current of at least 6 A. Output is set at 2-3 V measured across the jacks of 4 mm. An iron bar is positioned inside the solenoid and it will be magnetized rapidly. The resulting polarities will depend on the direction of the current flow inside the solenoid. Reversing cables inside the solenoid will lead to magnetize the iron bar with opposite polarities. DEMAGNETIZATION An alternating-current power supply is connected with 2-3 V via the leads of 4 mm. A magnetized bar is positioned inside the solenoid for a short time; then magnet is removed slowly from solenoid, or AC voltage is reduced gradually to zero. Now bar will be demagnetized.

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