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Perspirometer For Testing Lab


Description & Specification:

Perspirometer For Testing Lab Workshop.
Perspirometer - For Testing Lab Colorfastness of dyed or printed fabrics against perspiration is determined by exposing the fabric sample to the action of both alkaline and acidic reagents while in contact with undyed fabrics on both sides. The test specimens, held between two white adjacent fabrics, are placed between plastic plates under a fixed load inside a hot air oven maintained at 37° C. The apparatus used for this test is called the perspirometer.   The Perspirometer consists of a metallic loading frame and a set of acrylic plates which can be kept in the loading frame.   The loading frame consists of two steel plates separated from each other by four mild steel rods. A set of two mild steel plates held together by means of distance pieces and springs with a dead weight are provided to apply a constant force on the test specimens placed between acrylic plates.   Technical Data Dimensions of test specimens : 10 cm x 4 cm   Force on test specimens : 5 kg   Dimensions of acrylic plates : 11.5 cm x 6.0 cm   Number of acrylic plates : Sixteen

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