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Round Sample Cutter For Testing Lab


Description & Specification:

Round Sample Cutter For Testing Lab Workshop.
Round Sample Cutter - For Testing Lab Round sample cutter for determination of GSM of any material in film form such as carpet, coated fabrics, fabrics, felt, foam, paper or paper board, or plastic sheets is used for preparing test specimens out of the material under test.   The Round Sample Cutter cuts out circular test specimens of 100 cm² area rapidly and accurately. Grammage or GSM of the material under test is determined by multiplying the mass of the circular specimen obtained by 100.   The equipment consists of an aluminum body fitted with a set of four replaceable blades and also provided with safety catch lock. The reversible blades allow the use of all the four edges of each blade. Two special cutting pads are provided with the unit.   The sample to be cut is placed on the cutting pad on which the sample cutter is placed. After releasing the safety catch lock, a slight pressure is exerted on the hand wheel to bring the blades into contact with the fabric. The hand wheel is then rotated under pressure to cut out the specimens. 

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