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Rub Proofness Tester For Testing Lab


Description & Specification:

Rub Proofness Tester For Testing Lab Workshop.
Rub Proofness Tester - For Testing Lab The Rub Proofness Tester is used for testing the fastness of colour of light leathers to wet and dry rubbing and measuring the transfer of colour to the material with which it is rubbed. The test piece is rubbed with a rotating circular felt pad pressed against it under the specified load, and the number of revolutions of the pad required to produce certain effects is measured.   This equipment can also be used to assess the degree of damage to a material during mild wet abrasion to imitate the scuffing action of a damp hose on footwear insole during wear. A rotating wet circular felt pad, covered with a worsted repp fabric, rubs the test specimen under a specified contact force. The overall damage to the test specimens is assessed by measuring their mass loss after a specified numbers of revolutions.       Civil lab equipments manufacturers

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