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Solid Liquid Extraction Packed Bed Type

CAT NO: DIDACTICMass Transfer Lab0008

Description & Specification:

Solid Liquid Extraction Packed Bed Type.

Solid Liquid Extraction Packed Bed Type This setup is designed to study the performance characteristics of solvent extraction of a particular component from a packed bed of solid material

The apparatus allows study of such systems as water / inorganic salts, water/sugar bed, methylene chloride / vegetable oil etc. The set up consists of a glass column, feed tank, receiving tanks and piping. Rotameter are provided for flow measurement. The glass column is fitted with SS mesh to support the solid material. The solvent is introduced near the bottom of the column and it flow upward counter currently to the solids. A pump supplies the solvent and flow rate is monitored by means of a Rotameter. Solvent feed tank is kept in a bath fitted with heater. A digital temperature controller is used to control and measure the temperature of feed Experiments To study the effect of various system parameters like, solvent temperature, solvent rate and particle on the % recovery of oil from solid Features Stainless Steel tanks and wetted parts Superb Painted structure Simple to operate & maintain Compact & stand alone set up Utilities Required Electricity Supply: 1 Phase, 220 V AC, 1.5kW. Solvent: 30ltrs Solid: 10kg. Table for setup support

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