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Steam Distillation Set Up

CAT NO: DIDACTICMass Transfer Lab0012

Description & Specification:

Steam Distillation Set Up.

Steam Distillation Set Up The equipment consists of jacketed pressure vessel for distillation. Steam from a steam generator can either be allowed to enter 'in the outer jacket or in the vessel

The vapors form the top of the vessel are condensed in the shell and tube type condenser by circulating cooling water supplied by laboratory overhead tank. The condensate is colleted in a separating chamber. The set-up is fitted with steam trap control valves pressure gauge, temperature sensors and other instrumentations required Experiments To study the Packed Distillation Column Features Stainless Steel tanks and wetted parts Superb Painted structure Simple to operate & maintain Compact & stand alone set up Utilities Required Water Supply 2 LPM at 5 m head Drain Electricity Supply: 1Phase, 220 V AC, 6.5 kW Required Chemicals Refractrometer for analysis

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