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Stiffness Tester For Testing Lab


Description & Specification:

Stiffness Tester For Testing Lab Workshop.
Stiffness Tester - For Testing Lab The Stiffness Tester of fabrics is determined with the help of the cantilever method. In this method a fabric specimen is allowed to bend under its own weight as the length of its overhanging portion is gradually increased. The free length that bends under its own weight sufficiently to make its leading edge intersect a plane at 41.5° inclination to the horizontal and passing through the front edge of the base supporting the test specimen is taken as the measure of stiffness of the fabric.   This method is, in general, more suitable for testing woven fabrics than for testing knitted fabrics. It is not suitable for testing fabrics that are very limp or that curl or twist badly when cut into strips. civil lab equipments manufacturers

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