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Strain Gauge Training System- Engineering Lab Training Systems

Strain Gauge Training System- Engineering Lab Training Systems


Description & Specification:

Strain Gauge Training System- Engineering Lab Training Systems.
Technical Description Strain gauges are used extensively in sensor systems to detect forces, moments and deformations. The FL 100 experimentation system provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of strain gauges. Three test specimens for tension, bending and torsion are each fitted with three strain gauges. The strain gauges are wired into a full bridge configuration. A defined load is generated with the aid of weights, and the elongations can then be recorded.  The specimens under test can be inserted quickly and precisely into the mounting frame. The strain gauge application area is protected by a Plexiglas cover, which also makes it clearly visible for inspection purposes. The measuring amplifier unit delivers the bridge supply voltage, and displays the load-dependent output voltage. The digital display is programmable, to provide readouts conforming to the variables being measured. It also features a tare function to exclude the influence of preloads. All detachable test components are clearly laid-out and well-protected inside a storage box.  The well-structured instructional material outlines the technological fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments. Three additional tensile test rods, in aluminium, copper and brass, are available as accessories, in order to obtain material-specific values from experiments.

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