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Thickness Gauge For Testing Lab


Description & Specification:

Thickness Gauge For Testing Lab Workshop.
Thickness Gauge - For Testing Lab The thickness of fabrics and similar pressure sensitive material is measured by placing it over a flat circular anvil and bringing a flat circular pressure foot in contact with its upper face under the action of a specified load applied by means of a dead weight.   This method gives an accurate measure of the thickness and is free of any error due to change in load normally associated with spring loaded thickness gauges.   The  Thickness Gauge (Dead Weight Type) consists of a dial indicator having a flat circular pressure foot and a flat circular anvil. The indentor exerts a fixed pressure on the fabric under test with the help of a dead weight placed over its stem. The faces of the pressure foot and the anvil are ground flat and made parallel to each other by adjusting the level of the anvil.   The whole arrangement is mounted on a rigid cast aluminum base. It is finished in Shore Blue Metallic painting and bright chrome plating. The pressure foot and anvil are made from magnetic stainless steel.

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