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Description & Specification:

VAN DE GRAAFF GENERATOR This type of generator consists of a belt of insulating material stretched between two pulleys and kept in rotation by a motor. This belt is charged by induction by a row of metallic points (point effect) available near one of the pulleys and connected with a DC voltage generator (e.g. : a battery). Then these charges are transferred by the motor into an insulated conductor of spherical shape where a second comb connected electrically with the sphere transfers them onto the surface of the same sphere. If the machine is not switched off, this process will stop when the voltage of the sphere is sufficient to generate electric discharges across the supporting insulators (dielectric breakdown) or across the surrounding air (air ionization). This generator has been designed for tests in the sector of electrostatics and where high-voltage direct sources are necessary. It is mounted on a base with AC motor running at 220 V and 50 Hz. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Charge collecting belt of silicone rubber with high insulation resistance • Charge collecting combs of aluminium • Spheres of aluminium, with diameter of 150 mm • Connections: sockets of 4 mm • Output voltage: up to 200 kV, according to environmental conditions • Static discharger: spherical, with diameter of 100 mm, insulated handle and sockets of 4 mm. Set of accessories for Van De Graaf generator These accessories can be inserted into the sockets of 4 mm available on the top pf the sphere. Pillar with suspended sphere of metal, cylinder of perspex with metallic plugs, 4 spheres of metal.

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