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Venturimeter and Orificemeter Apparatus

CAT NO: DIDACTICFM Lab Equipments0004

Description & Specification:

Venturimeter and Orificemeter Apparatus.

Venturimeter and Orificemeter Apparatus The apparatus consists of two pipelines emerging out from a common manifold. One pipeline contain a Venturimeter and other contain an Orifice

The pressure tapings from the Venturimeter and Orificemeter are taken to differential manometer to measure pressure difference. The Venturimeter & Orificemeter are connected in parallel and anyone of them can be put in operation by operating valves provided at the downstream. These valves can also regulate the flow. Present set-up is self-contained water re-circulating unit, provided with a sump tank and a centrifugal pump. Flow control valve and by-pass valve are fitted in water line to conduct the experiment on different flow rates. Flow rate of water is measured with the help of measuring tank and stopwatch Experiments To determine the co-efficient of discharged through Venturimeter and orifice meter. To measure discharge through Venturimeter and Orificemeter as flow meters. Utilities Required> Electric supply 0.5 kW, 220V AC, Single Phase Water supply Tap water connection ” BSP Distilled water @ 60 liters (optional) Floor Area with Drain facility

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