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Buckling Tester- Engineering Lab Training Systems

Buckling Tester- Engineering Lab Training Systems


Description & Specification:

Buckling Tester- Engineering Lab Training Systems.
Technical Description All components subject to pressure are at risk from buckling. There is thus a wide practical basis for this tester. The tester consists of the base frame, guide columns and load cross-member. The base frame contains the lower bearing for the test bar. This comprises the test load transducer and a changeable receptacle for two different pressure pads, depending on the bearing conditions. Due to the height adjustable load cross-member, test bars of varying buckling lengths can be investigated. A hand operated load spindle is used to generate the test force. An axial bearing between the spindle and the pressure pad prevents torsional loading of the test bar. Using the shear loading device, it is also possible to generate a defined shear force on the bar. The unit can be operated positioned vertically or horizontally, for this purpose the load gauge can be rotated 90°.

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