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Dial Thermometers


Description & Specification:

Dial Thermometers.

Dial Thermometers are useful for measuring the temperature of Soil, Bitumen or any hot material where inserting glass thermometer is risk from breakage point of view. These are essentially bi-metallic thermometers, bimetal element is enclosed in a hollow metallic stem with close fitting. As the temperature rises bimetal element expands and activates a pointer fixed on the dial to read temperature.

Following sizes are available :

Dial Sizes: 2" to 6" Stem length: 2" to 48" Material of stem: Stainless steel

Ranges :

0-50º C, 0-100º C, 0-150º C, 0-200º C, 0-300º C, 0- 400º C -20 to +60º C, -30 to +50º C.

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