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Digital Double Door Drying Oven

Digital Double Door Drying Oven


Description & Specification:

Digital Double Door Drying Oven.
This range of ovens is designed for drying large quantities of soil and aggregate samples and maintains temperature in accordance with most B.S. and ASTM requirements. The 225 Lts. and 425 Lts. are economy models constructed with coated mild steel exterior and Stainless Steel coated interior chamber, which is both durable and corrosion resistant. These units meet the requirements of BS 1377 and are ideal for on-site laboratories and general soil and aggregate testing.

Dial thermometer with collar fixing for door Heavy duty shelves (on Request at an extra price) Color of the Oven (Only on qty. greater than 3 Units)

Specification :
1. The larger soil drying ovens are constructed with mild steel and powder coated exterior and Stainless Steel coated chamber which is both durable and corrosion resistant.
2. All Sizes of Oven are fitted with a (PID Controller) having a microprocessor digital control as standard.
3. All units comes with MCB tripping device in cases of any short circuit, overloading of voltage and Low voltage cut off. Wiring of heaters can be connected / dis-connected removing the side panels of the Oven.
4.Caster wheels with locking arrangement are fitted below the Oven for easy movability of the unit from one place to another. Door locking arrangement is very easy & convenient with lever to lock & unlock with half turn lever
5. A Safety Thermostat is fitted inside the Oven for safety purpose. Incase of the failure of the PID controller the safety thermostat will serve as the temperature controller.
6. A High / Low switch is fitted on the panel of the Oven for Heaters. This feature allows heaters to burn all together or half of them.
7. The Least Count Division for viewing / setting the Temperature is 0.1º C

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