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Digital Level Equipment For Testing Lab

Digital Level Equipment For Testing Lab


Description & Specification:

Digital Level Equipment.

Our wide range of digital level equipment is customized as per the specifications of our clients. These equipment are designed and developed at par various industrial standards and possess following specifications: Faster Automatic Measurement hen used with unique patterned staff, height and distance can be automatically determined digitally Fully automatic electronic measurement,Results appear in the clearly visible display window after about three seconds.Highly Accurate Measurement The fully automatic measuring ability and digital display excludes any reading errors, writing mistakes in the field book, and other possible human-made errors.Increased Productivity up to 50% with all leveling work carried out automatically quickly and more economically as compared to the performance of conventional opto mechanical levels This effortless and error-free measurement makes it possible to have up to a 50% increase in productivity ata Output Function Standard RS-232C port provides an instant communications link with a data collector or direct output to a personal computer Digital Level takes accuracy and ease of operation to a higher level with its Advanced Image Processing Technology.The outstanding features make the DL- 102C ideal for high precision applications including the performance of 1st and 2nd order leveling and deformation monitoring DISPLAY 2-line, 8-digit per line Dot matrix LCD with back light Data Storage PCMCIA card (64KB to 2MB)Internal memory approx. 8,000 data Keyboard Alphanumeric input.

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