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Electronic Total Station For Testing Lab

Electronic Total Station For Testing Lab


Description & Specification:

Electronic Total Station For Testing Lab.

Surveying Instruments Testing Lab equipment manufacturers,exporters and Surveying Instruments Testing Lab suppliers Length 154mmObjective aperture   45mm (EDM:50mm)Magnification   30xImage   Erect Resolving power 3"Field of view 1º 30'Minimum focus   1.0m   Angle Measurement Unit   Degree/ Gon/ Mil, selectable Display resolutions   1"/5", 0.0003G, 0.00 1M/ 0.01MAccuracy   2" 5"Measuring Mode HV Absolute Encoding Absolute Encoding   Distance Measurement     1P   1.8km 1.6km3P   2.6km 2.3kmAccuracy   2+2 ppm Unit   Meters/Feet, selectable Display resolution Fine meas Tracking meas 0.001m/0.004ft0.01m/0.004ftAtmospheric correction   Input the parameter and adjust automatically General   Data Storage   approx. 10 W points Interface   RS-232 compatible, baud rate:1,200 to 115200 bps Display   Alphanumeric/graphic dot matrix LCD20 characters x 6 lines with illumination Keyboard ZI 12005,ZI 12006 Dual face (alphanumeric, 28 keys)                                                               Power Supply  Detachable battery Working duration Charging time Mini. battery:about 3 hrs, Big Battery:8 hrs Approx. 6 hrs with standard charger

Telescope Fully transitting, coaxial sighting and distance measuring optics.

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