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Overhead Polariscope- Engineering Lab Training Systems

Overhead Polariscope- Engineering Lab Training Systems


Description & Specification:

Overhead Polariscope- Engineering Lab Training Systems.
Technical Description This transmitted light polariscope facilitates familiarisation with the basic principles of photoelasticity and the performance of stress experiments on plastic models. The unit has two high quality circular polarisation filters that are held between glass discs such that they are not placed under load. The filters in the frame can be rotated horizontally as required, their optical axes are marked with appropriate symbols. Eight different shaped load models are included. Forces can be applied to the models using a loading device equipped with a ring dynamometer. The coloured stress lines in the objects that are a direct consequence of this loading can be observed directly in the projection. The system includes a green filter for monochromatic display. The experimental set-up is placed on a normal commercially available overhead projector and does not require any other accessories for operation

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