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Pneumatic Pruning


Description & Specification:

Pneumatic Pruning.

Pneumatic Pruning This equipment is perfect for teaching of mechanical engineering : Details of construction General assembly Modelling of links and mechanical forces Study of the sub-system pre build on Solid Works. Study of the pruning shears actuator Identification of the various functions Study of the control system and comparison between standard and progressive types of pruning shears Validation of the cutting effort Commercial considerations Establishment of product quality criteria Review of a professional comparison between this product and its competitors Technical Specifications The presentation case contains two pneumatic pruning shears. The first is completely dissembled to show the component parts. The second is assembled but sectioned to show the structure of the device and the arrangement of the double piston. The progressive kit is supplied for comparison with the standard type. The blades are ground to prevent cut risks and treated to prevent corrosion. Equipment Package Presentation case containing two pruning shears with a separate progressive kit CD ROM containing: Technical manual with experiments notes. Solid works files of finished models, sub-assemblies and Components. Using Your Equipment. Essential requirements: PC computer with Solid Works, DMT, MECAPLAN software installed. Dimensions (l x w x h) and weight: 530 x 400 x 130 mm, 7 kg

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