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Positioning Electronic Total Station For Testing Lab


Description & Specification:

Positioning Electronic Total Station For Testing Lab.

Surveying Instruments Testing Lab equipment manufacturers,exporters and Surveying Instruments Testing Lab suppliers 30 X field of view : 1o30'least count: 1"accuracy: 2"distance measuring range with single prism : 2000 M distance accuracy: +( 2mm + 2 ppm ) X D display: two side(Graphics LCD - 24 Alpha Num Keys ) internal memory : 24000 points single prism assembly: single prism 1 no. prism holder SIN-Tilt 3 1 no. prism pole with bubble 1 no. downloading software with F-4 data transfer cable 1 no. wooden tripod 1 no.

Accessories offered: Battery charger tool kit with case plastic carrying case plastic rain cover and instruction manual magnification :

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