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SCR Application Trainer


Description & Specification:

Manufacture:Omega Electronics Three I.C. regulated D.C. power supplies internally connected. A.C. supply. Isolation Transformer. Timer I.C. Operational amplifier I.C. Quad dual input NAND gate I.C. Pulse Transformer. Battery. D.C. Relay. OVEN with Power Supply. Adequate no. of electronic components to be used in various experiments i.e. Pot 5Nos., Push to on switch 2 Nos., Push to offswitch, Buzzer, Bulb 230V 40watt, Bulb 12V 5watt, LED 2Nos., Diode 4 Nos., Diac, Zener 2Nos., LDR, Thermistor, SCR 4 Nos., Triac, UT 2 Nos., Transistors 3 Nos. etc. Main ON/OFF switch, fuse and jewel light.* The Unit is operative on 230V, ±10% at 50Hz A.C. mains..

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