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Siemens 828D Maintenance Training Kits


Description & Specification:

Siemens 828D Maintenance Training Kits.

Siemens 828D Maintenance Training Kits.

Complete operation manual is provided along with each maintenance training kit which is designed in collaboration with OEMs such as Fanuc and Siemens. Operating manual is designed in such a way that it will guide participants to understand the basic operation and maintenance parameters of CNC systems.

Electrical panel is designed with completely isolated circuits for different operating voltages with color coded cables. Check points are provided to check the voltage at different checkpoints with proper safety precautions to avoid any accident.

Few of the experiments that can be carried out on maintenance kits are mentioned below:

  • Taking System Backup
  • Restoring System Backup
  • Setting Backlash
  • Limiting the speed of each axis
  • Setting acceleration and deceleration for each servo axis
  • Setting software limits
  • Setting hardware limits
  • Axis referencing
  • Changing Servo Parameters
  • Changing spindle parameters and incorporating encoder
  • Understanding electrical circuit diagram and function of various electrical components used
  • Basic single phase circuits
  • Basic Three Phase circuits
  • Understanding of basic components and bottle neck components (from CNC OEM such as Fanuc and Siemens)
  • Dynamic updation of machine ladder diagram
  • PLC ladder monitoring and understanding function of various input and output bits
  • Understanding the electrical circuits of peripheral accessories
  • Setting axis parameters for belt driven system, direct coupled system etc
  • Setting spindle parameters for belt driven system, direct coupled system etc

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