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Description & Specification:

SOLAR ENERGY MINI LABORATORY This is a coordinated assembly of optical and electric instruments and elements that can be used by groups of 4-6
students to carry out a wide range of measurements. Its aim
consists in enabling to develop a complete program of exercises
for learning the main characteristics of solar radiation and of
photovoltaic conversion process.
The whole equipment is contained in a handy case and it also
includes a theoretical-experimental handbook: This system is
the ideal educational aid for a complete and organic study of
local insolation characteristics.

• Studying the radiation intensity at different inclinations of
• Calibrating the solarimeter with solar radiation
• Plotting charts of daily diurnal insolation, for total, diffuse,
direct radiation on horizontal surface and on surface
perpendicular to the rays of the sun
• Calculation of relative daily insolation
• Graphical and statistic interpretations of the achieved results
• Determining the current output by a solar cell versus the
variation of its orientation with respect to the light source
• Experimental determination of voltage-current curves of a
silicon solar cell for different values of illumination
• Determining the maximum electric power output by a silicon
solar cell for different values of illumination orof insolation
• Calculating the efficiency of a photovoltaic cell
• Series and parallel connection of solar cells
• Calculating the average power output by the panel of silicon
solar cells
• Recharging a battery

The system for studying solar energy includes :
• 1 bar solarimeter with shadow projection
• 1 two-range milliammeter:
1 mA f.s. (x1, x2)
• 1 two-range voltmeter-ammeter device :
1 V f.s. (x1, x4) 0.5 A f.s. (x1, x4)
• 1 charging rheostat
• 2 silicon solar cells of standard size
• 2 silicon solar cells of different size
• 1 portable compass
• 1 sun follower
• 1 solar panel with silicon solar cells
• 1 lead accumulator
• 1 DC motor
• 1 solar rule
• 1 orientable stand
Power supply: 230 Vac 50/60 Hz - 100 VA
(other voltages upon request)
Dimensions of case: 60 x 48 x 20 cm
Total weight: 11 kg

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