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Steam Power Plant Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Steam Power Plant Laboratory Equipments Supplies


Description & Specification:

Technical Description The specially designed for technical training in the area of power plant engineering, and power engines and machines, and as a result offers numerous experiments. An oil-heated instantaneous boiler generates wet steam, a superheater provides superheated steam. The turbine is loaded with a generator, the energy generated is returned to the electricity mains. After the turbine, the steam is condensed and fed back to the boiler. All relevant parameters are measured using sensors and transducers and displayed on a clearly laid out switch panel as measured values. The switch panel contains a clearly laid out flow diagram for the system. Data from the electronic measuring instruments can be transferred directly to a PC for further processing. The system is monitored and controlled using a PLC.1 A fuel tank and feed water tank are integrated into the system to form a self-contained unit. The feed water circuit is equipped with a complete feed water treatment unit that comprises a regenerating ion exchanger and chemical metering. The system is supplied with comprehensive documentation. It has been built in accordance with legal safety requirements and includes the stipulated safety devices. Due to the usage of an instantaneous boiler, rapid generation of steam is possible (t approx. 5min). The boiler is type approved and does not need specific permission for operation according to German regulations.1 A supply of three-phase mains electricity and cooling water (10m³/h), or the cooling tower, are required for operation..

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