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Universal Drive and Brake Unit- Engineering Lab Training Systems

Universal Drive and Brake Unit- Engineering Lab Training Systems


Description & Specification:

Universal Drive and Brake Unit- Engineering Lab Training Systems.

The machine or engine to be tested is connected to the using a V-belt drive. The is attached to the machine or engine using toggle-type fasteners. The main function of to provide the required drive or braking power to perform experiments on the selected engine or machine. This power is generated by an air-cooled asynchronous motor with a frequency converter. The energy that is created when braking in generator mode is converted into heat by a load resistor. The drive or braking torque can be precisely adjusted. It is measured indirectly using a force transducer. For this purpose, the asynchronous motor is mounted in floating bearings. A carriage on which the “engine and force transducer” unit can be moved acts as a tensioning device for the V-belt. The contains digital displays for speed and torque. Data is transmitted between and the engine or machine via a data cable, which connects the control cabinets for the two units. All measuring signals are present in electrical form and can be stored and processed using the PC data acquisition function supplied for the engine or machine. Data is transmitted to the PC using a USB interface.

Technical Description- Engineering Lab Training Systems The is core component of a modular series of equipment that allows experiments to be performed on a variety of engines and machines, e.g. pumps, turbines or combustion engines.

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