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Universal IC Tester For Electrical Lab Training


Description & Specification:

Universal IC Tester For Electrical Lab Training Workshop.
Features1. Tests a wide range of Digital IC's such as 74Series, 40/45 Series of CMOS IC’s2. It can test Microprocessor 8085, 8086, Z80, 8051,89c513. It tests Peripherals like 8255, 8279, 8253, 8259,8251, 8155, 6264,62256,8288,82844. It tests Opamp,555, Transistor Arrays, Analog switches, Opto couplers and Others5. It tests Seven segment display of common cathode& common anode type6. It has Auto search facility of IC’s7. Test by: Truth table /sequence table comparison.8. Keys: 28 cherry keys Key pad with numerical &functional keys.9. Display: 9 Digit Seven Segment Display.10. Supply Input Voltage: 230V AC.

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