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Whitworth- Engineering Lab Training Systems

Whitworth- Engineering Lab Training Systems


Description & Specification:

Whitworth- Engineering Lab Training Systems.
Whitworth  - Engineering Lab Training Systems One of sixteen mechanisms built on an A3 board equally suitable for the classroom, drawing office or laboratory. The principal components are made from amber coloured Perspex, pivoted with hollow rivets, and mounted on a white melamine board for contrast and visibility. To see the mechanisms move is far more instructive and convincing than listening to a static lecture. The hollow rivets accept a pencil for transferring the loci of the joints to a sheet of paper, clipped to the board. The Whitworth mechanism has a fixed ratio of cutting to return stroke because of the fixed distance OP. The crank has a pin C which can be set at a chosen radius to drive the slotted link thus varying the stroke. The tool is attached to the guided slider A.

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