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Distillation Training Unit- Engineering Lab Training Systems


Description & Specification:

Distillation Training Unit- Engineering Lab Training Systems.
Portable Glass Distillation Training Unit The Process Operator Training Unit was conceived and designed to give the operator of fractionation and distillation equipment a visual concept of what goes on inside those metal towers or columns that dominate the landscape in a petroleum refinery or petrochemical plant. There are no automatic controls so that whatever happens on this unit is dependent on what the operator does, or does not do. The glass fractionating column allows the operator to see the results of his actions very quickly. Consists of the following equipment; Main Column, Pumps (4),Overhead Condensers, Heat Exchangers, Cooling System, Reboiler, Temperature Gauges and piping to actually perform distillation on a small scale model. This unit comes with carrying case which acts as a stand for the unit. This unit has been a staple in the process training industry worldwide for many years and is currently our most widely used production item. With it’s hands on learning experience it is hugely popular in basic process classes in industry and education.

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