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Fluid Bed Catalytic Cracking Unit- Engineering Lab Training Systems


Description & Specification:

Fluid Bed Catalytic Cracking Unit- Engineering Lab Training Systems.
Glass Model Fluidized Bed Catalytic Cracking Unit. Dimensions: Base enclosure: 30 1/2″ x 21″ x 14″ Reactor and Riser: 29″ high Reactor diameter: 3″ Regenerator: 21″ high Regenerator diameter: 4″ The model consists of a reactor, regenerator, standpipes, risers and air blower which forms the catalyst circulation system. The catalyst flow is controlled by the valves on the reactor and regenerator standpipes. Circulation fluidizing of the catalyst is achieved by injecting air into the air inlet of the regenerator, steam inlet of the stripper and the feed inlet to the reactor riser, and is controlled by three individual needle valves. Evaluations of start up, operation and shut down procedures in PU-003 units can be invaluable to industry and educators. Demonstrations of catastrophic events may be safely simulated.

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