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Exhaust Gas Calorimeter

Exhaust Gas Calorimeter


Description & Specification:

Exhaust Gas Calorimeter.

Calorimetric measurement is an established method of doing this. It involves a largely complete and loss-free heat exchange between the exhaust gas and a cooling medium. The exhaust gas calorimeter consists of an insulated stainless steel tank, through which the exhaust gas flows from bottom to top. While doing this, the exhaust gas gives up its heat almost completely to a finned pipe with cooling water flowing through it. The pipe is arranged in loops to achieve the maximum possible heat exchange area. Relevant temperatures (water and exhaust gas inlet and outlet) and the volumetric flow of the water are recorded electronically and displayed digitally using a measuring amplifier. The measuring amplifier is connected to the test stand using a data cable. This allows the measured data from the to be stored and processed using PC data acquisition. Connected to a test engine using a heat-resistant exhaust gas hose.

Exhaust Gas Calorimeter Engineering Lab Training Systems Determination of the thermal exhaust gas losses is essential when calculating an energy balance for internal combustion engines.

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