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Description & Specification:

EQUIPMENT FOR STUDYING CENTRIFUGAL FORCE The equipment for studying centrifugal force consists of a rail where a low-friction truck can slide. The truck can be loaded with variable masses. When the rail driven by a geared motor starts turning, truck is pushed by centrifugal force towards the external end of the rail. Knowing the speed of rotation of the equipment, the force developed by the truck sliding along the rail, and the radius will lead to verify the well-known formula of centrifugal force. The truck is connected with a pulley available at one of rail ends, via an inextensible wire; this wire passes through the pulley and it is connected with a force sensor. The rotation machine turns with variable speed so that centrifugal force is determined even versus angular velocity, besides versus mass and versus the distance from the rotation centre. The speed of rotation of the rail is detected by a pair of photogate sensors connected with the datalogger. Thanks to the datalogger and to its software, the equipment enables to assess the trend of centrifugal force versus the truck mass, versus the angular velocity and versus the radius. The system is equipped with mechanical protection TRAINING PROGRAM Determining centrifugal force versus • truck mass • speed of rotation of the rail • distance of center of gravity of truck from the rotation axis COMPONENTS Apparatus for studying centrifugal force consisting of: • 40-cm long rail • truck provided with weight holder • pulley • graduated scale • geared motor • support base • weights of 10 g, 50 g • base for supporting photogate sensors and force sensor • rods for supporting sensors • terminals • safety protection • inextensible wire

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